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It is 99.5% true that PPC advertising can bring healthy returns for most businesses. You can only achieve effective PPC marketing results if your marketing strategy is effective. PPC campaigns need to be continuously improved if you want continuous growth and profits.

If you’ve ever felt uneasy or confused about paid advertising and how it can grow your business, then you can freely take benefits from our PPC Marketing Services.

In this article, we’ll explain “5 Powerful PPC Tricks To Increase ROI By 300%”. Hopefully, the shared tricks will be beneficial to your growing business.

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The Best PPC Strategies To Increase ROI

1. A local targeting strategy

You can narrow down PPC marketing campaigns to the level of targeting zip codes to narrow down your target audience. Focus only on the profitable markets to grab some good results and cut down all the random audiences.

What is the best way to do it?

By concentrating your efforts in a specific area, you can focus your efforts on a limited market rather than a broader audience.

How much do you earn?

✓  Saves efforts from being wasted on aiming for irrelevant audiences.

✓  Reduces clicks from ineligible users.

✓  Suitable for tourism, movers, and other local services.

2. Scheduling of call ads

You might have used ad extensions to boost your CPC and quality score in paid search campaigns. The advertisers can run these ads at their convenience but may miss out on some potential business opportunities by not getting calls from real customers.

If you want to receive calls from prospective clients, you can schedule your call ads to be available.

What is the best way to do it?

Schedule call extension visibility within AdWords to make call extensions visible to visitors at certain times and days. Schedule your unavailable times.

Let’s imagine the situation: You have special offers for the holidays. If you want to increase audience response, schedule them during a specific time module over the weekend.

As weekends are a time of higher revenue, raise your bid higher during the morning and evening hours, and reduce it after midnight until the wee hours of the morning.

How much do you earn?

✓ Avoid lost business opportunities and save your time.

✓ Earn quick bucks during limited hours.

✓ On busy days, there will be no irrelevant traffic.

3. Use Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA)

The power of remarketing allows you to maximize sales potential even when it appears to be gone. As a matter of fact, the war is still ongoing.

You can customize your search ads campaign for former visitors of your site by using remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA), with this tool, you can target your ads and bids against past visitors who have searched on Google in the past.

By reshaping your ads, you are better able to convince visitors to review their decision and make a purchase.

What is the best way to do it?

For RLSA, here is a quick setup:

✓ Select your remarketing campaign or ad group and create remarketing audiences.

✓ Choose your preferred lists and interests at the ad group or campaign level.

When all your practical hopes are dashed, you can still optimize your bids to boost ROI. Taking a look at the conversion results generated for a client specializing in clothing targeted at women is an excellent example.

✓ A higher bid should be placed for females aged 18-54 and a lower bid for males and females over 55.

How much do you earn?

✓ Target “unknown visitors” in a certain proportion.

✓ For immediate gain, concerted efforts are necessary.

4. Bid on competitors’ domains via Gmail ads

Gmail ads through AdWords are an interesting feature, have you ever used them? The opportunity to exploit the humungous potential right in front of you can’t be missed, as many other people would still be splashing all around. 

Advertisements are displayed just above users’ Gmail inboxes. An HTML editable area resembling an email appears both above and below the inbox.

One of the best aspects is that it is based on inbox contents, not search queries.

By looking at the last 300 emails, Google’s bot will be able to figure out what your compelling interests are and who you frequently correspond with. As a result, all of these important cues shape the target ads in order to engage the users.

Here’s an example: You receive emails from Old Navy every week. Old Navy’s marketing team may assume that you’ve signed up for their newsletter or purchased online.

You will be prompted to engage in repeated actions for profit generation in some way or another through the ads.

5. Exit Intent Pop-ups

Popups that increase conversions are hugely popular in the e-commerce market, especially exit intent popups.

Although there is nothing complex about it, you need to understand how to make the most of it.

Imagine an example: A visitor navigates for a few minutes on a page before bouncing without doing anything such as downloading an ebook or registering.

Would it be possible to reverse it in the last few seconds? It is possible.

Pop-up messages encourage the person to reconsider their exit decision in those fleeting seconds of indecision.

It is always worst to let someone leave without making a purchase in your cart. Do you agree?

Is it not possible to use a pop-up to entice customers to purchase at least a 10% discount via a coupon code if their cart is abandoned as shown above? This is an excellent way to wrest your attention and make a sale, isn’t it?

In The Nutshell

In order to remain competitive in paid search campaigns, small companies may have to cut corners in order to survive dipping ROI.

If you want to build a successful paid search campaign with innovative techniques that will help you make fortunes, you need the help of PPC Advertising Services.

Don’t worry, our PPC Marketing Services will help you to grow your business rapidly. 

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