A 360-Degree Approach To Data Engineering Solutions

Transforming data-driven businesses to achieve excellence. Your data-related challenges deserve your full attention.


Data Lakes enable you to store and process large amounts of data with minimal resources. Our solutions can be used to create dynamic storage systems for data.


Our data visualization solutions help enterprises make data-driven decisions. Multidimensional data can be explored in context with our solutions.


Ineffective data management leads to stagnant information. Integrated data from multiple sources rekindles data-inspired management.


Using our technology solutions, businesses can enhance their decision-making and achieve higher ROI by converting raw data into valuable insights.

Wherever You Are, We Can Offer A Complete, End-To-End Data Engineering Solution

With A Robust Platform And The Right Data Strategy, We Deliver Actionable Insights.
Marquee Customers of Big Data Implementations
Modern businesses rely heavily on data engineering. You must monitor your operations to ensure that you’re delivering in areas crucial to your success to stay on top of the current market landscape, which demands agility, detail, and innovation.

Business progress and transformation can be achieved through good data infrastructure.
Using Big Data technologies, we build end-to-end products that deliver higher business value and lower TCO to companies. Providing value for your business goes beyond just being a business to Expandimo Data Engineering Services. Value for money is the key to creating lasting partnerships with our customers.
With our custom applications, proofs-of-concept, and demos, we show our customers how to make sense of their Big Data. The value Expandimo Data Engineering Services can provide for your business goes beyond just being a business. We build long-term relationships with our customers by providing them with value for money.
Developing & executing a taut strategy developed only for our clients helps companies deliver results in the Big Data ecosystem. A strategic plan and tactical actions are part of our advisory services to ensure long-term business success. You can get more than just a business out of Expandimo Data Engineering Services. Our customers value the value we provide them through long-term relationships.
As part of our evaluation process for developing vendor-agnostic recommendations and solutions with the best possible TCO, we evaluate customer goals, IT infrastructure, and technical staff readiness. You can benefit from Expandimo Data Engineering Services in more ways than one. By building long-term relationships with our customers, we provide them with the value they value.

Modern Data Pipelines

Establishing production-quality automation pipelines from beginning to end. On-premises and in the cloud, Expandimo's data engineering consulting team has extensive experience with automated data pipelines. The importance of analyzing it for business outcomes cannot be overstated.

Data Lake Implementation

In terms of cost-effective data storage and quick processing, Data Lakes are the most powerful and creative options. You may be able to expand your business data architecture through the adoption of Data Lakes in your company. Several of Expandimo's clients have benefited from Data Lake solutions.

Cloud Data Architecture

Today, it is crucial to design and build business data architectures that are flexible and highly accessible. Through combining the experience of several large enterprises, our Data Architects can help your business get to the next level in data analytics. Let us help you with your big data engineering needs!


Developing complete end-to-end Data Pipelines

Developing Data Models

Ingesting Data from various sources into desired destinations

Performing ETL and/or ELT jobs

Managing various file format conversions

Enriching Data for downstream Analytical Purposes

Performing Data Transformations

Performing Data Analytics

Performing Data Cleansing

Performance Tuning

Maintaining Data Integrity

Turning Knowledge Into Insights With Modern Data Intelligence

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Amazon AWS
Microsoft Azure

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